Are Helicopter Tours Safe?

If you have been considering taking a helicopter tour, but have not yet done it, you are probably asking yourself if it is actually safe. We all hear horror stories about crashes and things gone wrong, and wonder if it will happen to us.

Heli Aviation

However, helicopter tours given by an agency like Heli Aviation have highly trained pilots and rules in place that will make your ride very safe.

There are also general features of helicopters that make it safer than a single engine plane, for example. Engine failures in helicopters are very rare, however, when they do happen, the pilot can manipulate the aircraft into what is called autorotation. Autorotation keeps the helicopter in the air without the help of the engine, and the pilot has complete control. They will be able to land.

Helicopters are smaller and able to land in almost any spot. While planes require much more space and better conditions, a helicopter can land just about anywhere.

Good helicopter pilots, like those at Heli Aviation for example, know that should bad weather or a shortage of fuel occur, they need to simply land the helicopter.

You should do some research on the agency that will conduct your tour. Are their pilots certified? Do they inspect the helicopters daily and before flight? Do they have policies that pilots must follow, and passenger as well, to ensure safety? What do other people say about the service?

Rest assured that helicopters are very safe, especially in comparison with planes or with hot air balloons. A good pilot will have good control of the helicopter, will know what to do in an emergency, and you can land just about anywhere.

So, if you’re still considering the tour, and were just afraid before, let your fear go and book your turn – you won’t regret it!