Ejuice is Rather Pleasant

A good friend of mine had been a cigarette smoker ever since I can remember.  Not only did the fact that he was a smoker make me concerned for his health, but it was also a very annoying habit that would leave me coughing and gagging when he was around me.  I finally broke down and told him that he was no longer allowed to smoke in my car, which was something that he was not all that happy about.  I just could not handle the gross smell of smoke in my car anymore, and so I told him that if he is going to ride with me, he is not allowed to smoke.  As a reaction, he decided that instead of smoking in my car, he would use ejuice.  I was still not very confident that I would like this any more than I like him smoking, but I was actually surprised at just how much more pleasant it is.

    I actually do not mind it when he vapes in my car, as he usually gets flavors that are very fruity and sweet and actually smell really good.  In fact, it is almost as if him vaping in my car makes my car smell a whole lot better.  Not that it is something that I would decide to pick up as a habit, but I am glad that he has begun to do this instead of smoke, as it is a lot easier for me to be around him when he is vaping instead of smoking.


    I really am glad that I told him that he was not allowed to smoke in my car anymore.  I think this could help him to better his health in the long run, as well, which is another positive.