Cheap Stag do ideas to get you in the mood for your missus

Your missus is your future guv’nor. Mates, that day’s just around the corner now and your days of bachelorhood freedom are quickly drawing to a close. For many blokes who are getting married next weekend or in the near future, it is a time for mourning and of great anxiety. Blokes traditionally don’t do full and long-term commitment as well as the girls do. This is why many of them go astray during the painful processes of marriage.

Marriage is not supposed to be a pain in the butt. Marriage was never intended to be a series of processes, going through the motions and all that sort of thing. What marriage is supposed to be is a blissful journey through the years with your best mate who just happens to be a woman. Just before getting married, bachelors should be celebrating. Cheap Stag do ideas come by the bucket-load to help celebrate those last few days of freedom.

It is an ideal occasion to invite some of your best pals over the last few years of your manly life. Some of these blokes are office colleagues, so if they are trusted, put them on the guest list. You may have brothers and cousins, so you should be inviting them as well. They’re blokes too, and you wouldn’t want them missing out on all the fun and action. Your old man is still a bloke too, so don’t you go and forget that.

Just so long as his ticker’s working nicely and he’s not forgetting things, you’ll be quite proud to have your father at your all-male gathering. You’ll need to invite your future father in law too. After all, he gave you permission to marry his baby.