When should you start using a rejuvenating cream like Christie Brinkley Recapture 360?

As they get closer to their 30s or 40s, many women look closely in the mirror, sometimes not believing what they’ve just found: “Oh no, I’ve got small folds. I think it’s time to start using rejuvenating a cream!”  They run to the pharmacy and buy one of the many rejuvenating creams that are offered there, and get too excited about how it will make their lines and wrinkles disappear.

But how do you know if you really need a rejuvenating cream? The rejuvenating creams are ideal for any woman who has wrinkles, as it can significantly help increase a person’s collagen levels. Increased collagen helps to give greater elasticity and resilience of the skin, thus resulting in fewer wrinkles and fine lines. It’s important to keep in mind that collagen is lost as you grow older, so you will need to regularly use some creams for the wrinkles to replenish your body’s collagen. Many creams do help, with good results. Some people say that Christie Brinkley Recapture 360works, but you have to do your research and find what’s right for you.

Christie Brinkley Recapture 360

Now, regarding the age at which it is ideal to start using a rejuvenating cream, dermatologists say that, in general, this should occur after the age of 30. Before anything else, a good sunscreen is important, since the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is one of the main causes of the premature aging of the skin. That, and a good moisturizer so that the first fine wrinkles caused by dehydration can be fixed.

Don’t be fooled by those who say you are aging, when you’re only 20 year old. Your skin might not accept a rejuvenating cream, so just listen to the experts and visit a dermatologist if needed.